About Normandy

With a background in landscape design, Normandy’s affinity with nature is captured by his use of earthy tones and natural colours. The visual aspect of the formation of rust and verdigris inspires his powerful, abstract work. Normandy uses a specialist paint that is mixed with iron and copper filings, more commonly found on Hollywood film sets where its’ purpose is to create a metallic appearance. The result of this innovative use of paint is a unique piece of art with an ever evolving effect.

“My work is created in the subconscious part of my imagination. I don’t plan any picture or image beforehand. I always paint ‘in the mood’ and enjoy using natural pigment, although occasionally splash out on vibrant colours. I don’t title my work, I let the work take on the names that other people have given them, so I don’t influence what they see in them. My work is meant to be fun, moved, touched and explored.”



Ever since 2000, Normandy has exhibited in both the Marlborough and Newbury Open Studios, as well as a variety of other exhibition spaces in Bristol, Benchmark (near Hungerford), Cobbs Farm Shop, Houses of Parliament and his own private studio at home.

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